Canon 24-70 f2.8 L II Availability Slips To July ?

UPDATE: This has now been confirmed by Canon themselves via their website. They also confirmed the 1DX is delayed until mid-June.  Why can’t they figure out timelines recently ?  The 5DIII launched on time and in impressive numbers, it seems that was a huge exception.

Disappointingly (and once again) one of Canon’s most anticipated new lens releases seems to have slipped down the time line.  Initial reports had it shipping on April 17th but upon inquiring to my local camera store about CPS pricing, the local Canon rep informed the store that this lens will not ship until July!

A couple of months back I had the chance to have some hands on time with this lens and it appears to be one fine piece of glass that I’m very excited to add to my kit, despite the very high price.  If the July date turns out to be true it does seem odd that so close to the anticipated date, the lens could slip a full quarter year but Canon has had a habit of doing this recently.  I’m still waiting for my new 500mm lens some 6 months after it was supposed to be on the market.

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