Month: January 2010

10 Things you will need to be a ski photographer

If you are looking to become a ski or snowboard photographer then get ready for a long shopping list of gear you are going to need. Every time I pack my gear for a trip I’m amazed at the amount of gear I have amassed over the last few years. Some of it is fairly specialized and only necessary for people that shoot full time for a living, and some of it I would recommend for everyone looking to get into the business. In no particular order here is my top ten list of things you will need to get started! 1. Avalanche Transceiver It’s not worth losing your life to get a shot so make sure you wear a transceiver while you are shooting in the backcountry and make sure you know how to operate it so you can save your friend’s lives if they get caught in an avalanche. I have always used Orthovox transceivers and can highly recommend them, though there are plenty of other great manufacturers out there. I recently had the opportunity to play with the Orthovox S1. A really incredible piece of kit that graphically displays victim location on the screen to help interpret beacon signals. Currently though , I am using the D3 2. A head torch Not something that would immediately spring to mind as a useful accessory but I use...

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Whats been happening?!?

The blog went quiet for a couple of weeks there as I have been away in Alberta shooting alongside the Poorboyz Productions crew as they work on their new Ski film called……ohhh I can’t tell you that just yet 😉 But I can tell you I just got a sneak peek at the trailer and it WILL blow your mind. We headed to the city of Edmonton on new years eve to shoot urban skiing for 10 days with Matt Walker, Leigh Powis, Mike Henitiuk and LJ Strenio. Poorboyz filmers Pete Alport and Cody Carter met us up there and we all piled into a basement apartment kindly provided by Mike’s grandparents. You can read a little bit about our exploits on the Poorboyz blog HERE. I wont go into too many details, the features we hit have to remain a secret for a while but you can see some snap from my Canon s90 on the Poorboyz blog and also on my Facebook page. While I am on the road I don’t have a lot of time for blogging but Facebook is a quick and easy way to keep people up to date with some behind the scenes photos so please become a fan if you’d like to follow that stuff! You can also find regular updates on my Twitter page. By the way, i’m still loving the...

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