Month: September 2009

Think Tank Photo announces the Takeoff roller backpack

Regular readers of my blog will know that I am something of a fan of Think Tank products. I own many of their bags and they all have very different and specific uses for me. One thing that they have become very well known for, is their line of roller bags for airport travel. There are several bags in the range that are suitable for both international and domestic flight. The new bag in the range is called the Takeoff. And what makes this one special is the shoulder straps that lie concealed in the back panel. A roller bag is ideal in many airport situations, but occasionally you can come across a time when it pays to have shoulder straps. For example…. try dragging a roller bag across gravel or other rough surfaces! Last month I found myself in bit of conundrum on a photo trip to New Zealand. I had a roller bag (Think Tank Airport International) and a rolling pelican case (1610) as well as a rolling ski bag. Three roller bags and only 2 hands is fine when you have a luggage trolley, but when a bus drops you in a city center 500yds from a taxi rank…….problem! I could have done with shoulder straps in that situation. With airline carry on restrictions getting tighter by the day, I have also noticed an increasing trend....

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Whistler Blackcomb Peak to Peak campaign

Back in the spring time I was asked to shoot a campaign for Whistler Blackcomb. The ads were to center around the new Peak to Peak gondola that spans the gap between Whistler and Blackcomb and the first versions have now hit the news stands in Freeskier magazine and Transworld Snowboarding. We had some difficulties with the weather for these shoots and they were postponed multiple times but in the end it turned out really well. On the left is Max Hill, on the right Mikey...

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NZ Trip – What worked and what didn’t

I’ve seen similar post on a couple of other photographers blogs before and always found them to be interesting and useful. When heading off on a long trip it can be tough to figure out how much gear to take and in what combination. On my recent trip I had to do just about every type of ski photography you can imagine. Backcountry skiing, heli skiing, daytime and night time park shooting, product shooting and portraiture. I was trying to accomplish this with only 2 pieces of checked in baggage (32KG each) and one piece of hand baggage and that was a struggle. Predictably I took too much with me. Some of the gear stayed unused in my bag so here is a few notes in no particular order: Think Tank Airport International: This is the bag I used to take my cameras and lenses on the plane. You can fit a huge amount of gear in this. Fully loaded with 8 lenses, 2 cameras and other miscellaneous trinkets it weighed in at 20kg but its dimensions are designed to make it legal carry on size. Unfortunately the weigh limit for carry on on air New Zealand was 7kg. My carry on is always over the limit so that’s no surprise. I just do the old trick of taking it all out and hanging cameras round your neck with...

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