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This Month, Think Tank Photo will be releasing an entire new collection of camera bags designed specifically with the Multimedia photographer in mind. With the advent of cameras such as the Canon 5dMKII and the the Panasonic GH-1, more and more photographers are being asked to shoot video and/or audio on photographic assignments. More to shoot means more to carry and these new bags are designed specifically to meet the new challenges associated with multimedia shooting.

If you decide to purchase any of the bags, Think Tank has a special offer on at the moment. If you go to their website HERE and spend more than $50, you’ll get the option to select the free gift at the checkout.

The lineup features 6 different bags, 4 belt pouches and 2 belt packs. Each different bag has a specific use so lets take a quick look at them:

Think Tank Mic Drop In

For those familiar with Think Tank products, the Mic Drop In is similar in design to the Lens Drop In that is in the current modular range. A drawstring opening on the top can be left open for quick removal of the microphone. The bag can also be lengthened using the extendable zippered section on the bottom, adding approximately 3 inches to the length of the bag to accommodate larger mics. On the front of the bag is stretch pocket for extra cables,XLR adapters, dead cats or whatever else you might need.

One new feature that all the Wired Up Collection bags have in common, are cable pass-through holes. Small holes in the bags in strategically placed positions to allow cables to be passed between bags to link up with cameras and audio recorders. All the holes are marked with a small blue tab for easy finding.

Of course the Mic Drop In is fully compatible with Think Tanks existing modular rail system for attaching the bag to a speed belt and the bag will be available for $39.95

The second bag in the lineup is called the Audio Recorder.

The on board microphones on many cameras and video cameras just don’t cut it. Many multimedia professionals use separate audio recording devices that produce much higher quality sound. Sound,although often overlooked, is a huge part in any video production and many photographers are looking to record ambient sound these days to play along with sideshows.

The Think Tank Audio Recorder is the perfect size for recorders such as the Zoom H4N or the Edirol R-09HR.

A stretchy front pocket can be used to store a microphone and a handy magnetic closing tab can be used when you want to keep the main zip open, but still be able to access the recorder quickly and store it securely. As with the other bags, the Audio Recorder has exit and entry holes for cables at the top and the bottom.

The next bag in the lineup is the Think Tank Big Audio. You can see it in this picture attached to a pro speed belt with the Mic Drop In next to it. The Big Audio is essentially just an enlarged version of the Audio Recorder for use with larger multi channel recorders or mixers. It features the same magnetic clasp and exit holes but holds a lot more in the outer elasticated pocket. Interestingly, it will also hold some smaller net books like the Dell Mini 9 for the photographer that needs to transmit on the the fly. It is available for $49.95

Next up we have the Think Tank Wireless Mic Kit. The bag is designed to hold 4 wireless mic units. Most people will probably have 2 transmitters and 2 receivers. Also included with this bag is a new cable management pouch for storing your lavalier mics and all the various cables and adapters you need to get these wired to your recorder or your camera! The red bungee cords are very useful!! This one sells for $49.95

The final 2 products in the lineup are much more than pouches on a belt, they are belt packs, something that Think Tank has traditionally done very very well. The Wired Up 10 and Wired Up 20 complete the lineup. Owners of the Think Tank Change Up will be familiar with the design but these new packs are larger and feature a ton of multimedia specific features.

Large or small audio recorders can be stored in the front pouch, kind of like a built in Big Audio (mentioned above) and it has all the necessary exit holes both in the front pocket and main pocket. The large stretch pockets on each side can hold your shotgun mic or a bottle of water on a hot day. The support system is very similar to the Change Up. Generously sized hip supports on the belt spread a heavy load very nicely and the provided additional straps allow you to add a shoulder harness to further spread the load onto your shoulders. The hip supports also offer a space to put extra modular components such as a Mic Drop in. Both the 10 and the 20 also come complete with a handy cable management pouch similar to the one that comes with the Wireless Mic Kit.

The interior of the main pocket will accommodate up to a 70-200 2.8 standing vertically in the Wired Up 20 but not the Wired Up 10. Both the 10 and the 20 though will happily hold your camera with 24-70 attached and another wide zoom such as 16-35 and a flash. The interior padded section is also removable which can be useful for reducing the bulk a little bit if the bag is nearly full.

Other features include a handy hook to hang monitor headphones on , and flat wide pocket at the back which is ideal for notepads and pens and of course the usual Think Tank rain cover that comes with all their packs and bags. The wired up 20 comes in at $169.99 and the wireless 10 is $139.99

Wireless Mic Kit, Audio Recorder and Mic Drop In on a pro speed belt.

Audio Recorder and Mic Drop In on speed belt.

Mic Drop In and accessory headphone hook.

This line of products marks another step in a new direction for many photographers. The fact that these bags are designed by photographers is clear from the start. Every little detail has been thought out and there is a combination here for everyone. Of course not all these bags need to be used for multimedia purposes. The wired up 10 and 20 are nice upgrades to the popular Change Up for someone who needs a lot more space and it ensures you are ready for the multimedia future if it comes your way.

If you decide to purchase any of the bags, Think Tank has a special offer on at the moment. If you go to their website HERE and spend more than $50, you’ll get the option to select the free gift at the checkout.

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