Fuji Launches New X10 Camera – The X100’s Little Brother!

Hot on the heels of their success with the X100 (which I reviewed and loved!), Fuji has today officially launched the X10.  Where the X100 looked to redefine large sensor, compact prime lens market with it’s APS-C sensor and 24mm f2.0 lens, the X10 seeks to redefine the premium point and shoot market with a 28-112mm zoom lens and a 12MP 2/3″ sensor.  To be honest it’s caught me a little bit by surprise because we knew about the X100 for many months before it’s launch and this one seems to have come out of the blue apart from a

Fuji X10 Vs. X100

The Fuji x100 is a phenomenally successful camera, even 6 months after it hit store shelves it’s still in short supply. I reviewed it myself and fell in love with it but the price tag isn’t for everyone, neither is the fixed 24mm prime lens. In September 2011 Fujifilm announced the X10 which addresses both of these considerations so I figured I would write up a comparison to help people choose between the two. At first glance they look fairly similar as both are based around the same rear screen and controls and a similar magnesium chassis but in fact