Comparing Canon’s 300mm f2.8 Ls – MKI Vs MKII

I’m a big fan of the original Canon 300mm f2.8 L IS, it has served me well from covers to ads I’ve packed this thing around the world with me shooting up mountains and around race tracks with frankly stunning results.  I’ve never once caught myself wishing for anything more from the lens, I even shoot it regularly with extenders and produce more than useable images.  When Canon announced its replacement last year I wondered how much of an improvement they could really make.  In reading the various press releases for all of Canon’s new Super Telephotos it became clear

Canon’s Super Tele Shipping Dates Slip Again

Last month we heard the planned ship date had slipped back to April for the new 500mm and 60mm f2 L IS II lenses.  Now, again via The Digital Picture, we are hearing that things have now slipped to May.  This is getting a bit frustrating for those of us who are waiting for one of these lenses!  I really need to have my new 500mm for a trip in June and this is looking increasingly unlikely. From Canon: “We appreciate your understanding and continued support.”