Building a Camera Tether

Just a quick post today! Over on Shutter Muse I wrote a detailed post about constructing a camera safety tether. It’s a handy thing to have for climbing photography, and other adventure sports work. Also a necessity with some aerial photography work. If you think it might be something that’s relevant to your own photography, head on over and check it out!

Solving The Camera Strap Conundrum With The Carry Speed DS-2

Like most people who usually have a camera with them on any given day, I have never been satisfied with the strap that comes packaged with the camera.  For the last few years I’ve been using some much more comfortable straps provided to me as part of the Canon’s CPS membership which are simply Canon branded versions of the Optech Utility Strap with a different, more robust attachment system.  The neoprene strap works well for easing the discomfort of a heavy camera on your shoulders but the traditional attachment points on the left and right sides of the camera still …

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