Sonnet Echo Expresscard Thunderbolt Adapter Review

I’m sure by now that you are aware of the Thunderbolt standard and how it has a theoretical throughput that is much faster than Firewire 800, USB 2 or 3 and eSATA.  Like many people I excitedly bought one of the newer Macbooks last year when they first featured Thunderbolt ports but sadly Thunderbolt accessories have been relatively thin on the ground.  Some blame high licensing fees imposed by Apple and Intel whilst some blame technical difficulties and incompatibilities with the implementation of the technology.  I’ve had my Macbook Air for nearly a year now and until the Sonnet Echo

Thunderbolt CF/SD Card Reader Solution On It’s Way

The new Thunderbolt standard, developed jointly by Apple and Intel, is an exciting prospect for media creation professionals of all sorts.  It allows a phenomenal data transfer rate that looks sure to change the way we think about computer peripherals.  As of September 2011 Apple has now added Thunderbolt ports to all it’s computers except the Mac Pro which is sure to follow shortly.  Like many other photographers though I have been eagerly awaiting some useful peripherals.  People “in the know” have suggested that Apple is currently charging a huge amount of money to license the technology though, meaning that