Comments on Nikon annoucements + Canon updates point and shoot cameras

4048_nikkor_85_previewIts that time of year again where all the big manufacturers are preparing to serve up all the new goodies they have been working on just in time for the autumn’s major consumer/trade shows.  Nikon kicked things off this evening by unveiling the d3100 camera and 4 new lenses.  Next up Canon introduced the successor to the S90 point and shoot camera (my personal favorite, never go anywhere without mine), the S95 and rather embarrassingly CNET unveiled details on the Canon G12 although it would seem that they got confused as it was not officially announced by Canon this evening.   I’ll run through them really quickly below with main features and then I have a few comments below that.  All the products are already available for pre-order via B&H and Amazon using the links I have provided.

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