Canon Launches Stunning New EOS-1D X

The long awaited successor to the EOS-1D Mark IV.  As predicted by many, the new EOS-1DX brings with it a full frame sensor, something which many pros have been asking for and something which Nikon have had for some time in the D3 and D3s.  It had been rumored that the camera would be an amalgamation of the 1D and 1Ds lines.  We can now confirm that the EOS-1Ds Mark III is discontinued.  I guess we might be seeing the EOS 5D MarkIII taking over the reigns more officially as the large megapixel camera in the lineup (when it gets

Z-Finder Jr Review and comparison to Z-Finder Pro

100601_1908_dancarrIf you have taken more than a passing interest into the video capabilities of your DSLR camera then you will probably have thought about getting some sort of viewfinder for the LCD screen. With the DSLR cameras lacking the ergonomics of traditional video camera design, such viewfinders are probably the most useful accessory to aid video shooting. Not only do they permit easier manual focusing with a clear view of the screen, but they also add stability to hand held shooting with an extra point of contact to your body.

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