Introducing: Photo Mechanic Unlocked

I’m really excited to unveil a totally new video training series today called Photo Mechanic Unlocked. I’ve been using Photo Mechanic for many years now, and there’s a very good reason whey you’ll see this software running on nearly every computer screen when you walk into the media centre of any major event: SPEED. This amazing piece of software can totally transform your workflow! The one downside of Photo Mechanic, if you can really call it a downside, is that it has so many features, some of them get a bit lost. A lot of photographers don’t unearth all of these …

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Photo Mechanic & Lightroom Workflow

I’ve posted a detailed video about what makes Photo Mechanic a must have program for many journalists and sports photographers before. But many people also like the easy adjustment tools of Adobe Lightroom.  This video walks you through how to setup a workflow that incorporates the best of both of these programs. For more detailed ingest tutorial please see my previous video ->

Photo Mechanic Quick Tutorial – Selective Ingest

The regular ingest dialog on Photo Mechanic doesn’t allow you to select specific photos to import from your card. This quick tutorial shows you how to achieve this functionality. For more detailed ingest tutorial please see my previous video.

Photo Mechanic Video Tutorial

Ever wandered what it is about Photo Mechanic that has all the top sports photographers using it ?  I’ve put a video tutorial up just now on Shutter Muse that should answer some of those questions !  It walks you through a sample ingest of a memory card and shows you how Photo Mechanic can help you caption hundreds of images individually in just a few minutes! Photo Mechanic Video Tutorial on Shutter Muse