Gear Check: LensCoat LensSack

Anyone that dabbles in wildlife photography should have a photography bean bag in their kit. There are many opportunities to photograph wildlife from a vehicle, whether it’s your own car or a jeep on safari. When you do that, you’ll need a place to rest your camera! In fact, bean bags are much more useful than that. You can also use the on the ground to get beautiful low angle images of shorebirds on a beach, or any number of other small creatures. The first bean bag I got was the Gura Gear Sabi Sack, now sold by Tamrac under

Awesome Summer Deal At LensCoat – Free International Shipping

I haven’t felt compelled to write about too many sales and deals recently on here but one landed in my in-box today that I’m going to take advantage of myself so I’m sure some of you guys won’t want to miss it either!  LensCoat make all kinds of camera and lens covers for just about any camera/lens combination you can think of.  I own a fair few items from them, including things like the TravelCoat for my Canon 200-400.  I also have a box full of camera body covers with and without lenses, which I use for packing on big