Aquatech Launches Canon 5D Mark 3 Water Housing

Aquatcech have unveiled their new housing for the Canon 5D Mark 3 today, the DCV-V3.  Essentially the design remains unchanged from previous versions but of course updated to account for the new button layout of the 5DMK3.  You can also purchase an upgrade kit to convert both your previous DCV-v2 5D MK2 housing, or your 7D housing. Price looks to be $1895

5D MK3 & Canon Wireless Flash System

I’ve just taken delivery of my own Canon 5D MK3 and also the new 600 EX RT flash with ST-E3 Radio trigger.  I’m really excited to try these things out on some upcoming shoots.  I made a quick video yesterday with some first impressions on the flash and the new trigger.  Stay tuned for more in-depth thoughts in the coming days and weeks.

The Canon 5D Mark III Is Finally Here!

Is this the most anticipated camera launch of all time ?  It would not surprise me at all.  The often rumored and much speculated Canon 5D Mark III is finally announced.  Three and a half years ago the 5D Mark II changed our expectations as to what a DSLR could do.  It delivered not only stunning image quality and Canon’s best low-light performance yet, but also 1080P video from an imaging sensor that was physically bigger than even any Hollywood camera. The results demonstrated by people like Vincent Laforet, changed the low to middle end production industry for good.  Even