Nikon D4 Vs. Canon EOS 1D X

Just a few days before CES 2012 and the specs for the Nikon D4 have been accidentally leaked on a website (reported but not named by Nikon Rumors).  They also published a photo of the new Nikon D4.  Given that we already know all about the Canon 1D X we can now take a proper look at latest and greatest from the big two.  While the D4 will be the second of the two to be unveiled, it will in fact be available in stores in February compared to late March for the 1D X.  Amazon actually has the D4

Canon EOS-1D X Video Features

Over on ProPhoto Coalition I have written an article specifically targeting the new and improved HDSLR movie making features of the new Canon EOS-1D X.  If you’re interested in filmmaking with DSLR’s please head on over and check it out!