How to Speed up the Charging of Your iPhone

Like a good many people, I rely on my iPhone for work but I’m constantly trying to keep it charged. I have a collection of scattered chargers in my home and I usually try to add a little more juice to the phone whenever I’m near one. I would never think of using the charger that actually came with the phone, but the other day it occurred to me that this might not be a well known suggestion, so here I am today to tell you all why… The little USB charger than comes with an iPhone is the same …

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Gear Check: Travel Friendly USB Charger

With so many devices charging via USB these days, you’ve got to have a charger with you all the time. I searched a few different options and eventually landed on the Anker 2-Port charger for its great compromise between size, number of ports and price. It’s barely bigger than the Apple USB charger, but it has twice the number of ports. Great for traveling! Check out the video above. You can get it on Amazon for under $20. Can’t say fairer than that!