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Glidecam HD-2000 review

Since I took delivery of my Canon 5dMKII last year I have had a lot of fun learning about shooting video and investigating the potential that the Canon DSLRs have in shooting HD movies. With so many people embracing the movie making capabilities of these new cameras, I wanted to check out some...

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Think Tank Hydrophobia 70-200

NOTE: This version of the Hydrophobia has now been replaced my a new, and much improved version which you can view here. Think Tank Photo today announced the long awaited Hydrophobia 70-200. Purchasing the Hydrophobia through...

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What’s been happening…. in BC

It’s been a bit quiet on the blog in the last week as I have been hard at work. Winter is in full force here in British Columbia and that means i’m busy every day with one thing or another. Last weekend I headed...

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Ikan Cheese Stick JR & Articulating Arm

Sometimes you stumble across something  you wander how you ever did without; something that has so many uses that it instantly deserves a tiny piece of the valuable real-estate in your rapidly filling camera bag.  These two accessories from LCD manufacturer Ikan are two such items but before all...

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RED Scarlet update December 09

Almost exactly a year ago I posted some information about the RED Scarlet Camera. Since that time there have been a number of “announcements” from the company but most of them have said more or less the same thing....

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Hyperdrive Colorspace UDMA review.

This past Autumn I was in Mexico on holiday. I took my newly purchased Canon S90 camera with me and was having a great time snapping pics with that little thing. The quality of the shots coming out of that tiny thing was really blowing me away. I wasn’t traveling with a laptop computer so my...

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Record breaking start to the winter

Since the beginning of November Whistler has received 493cm of snow, and it’s still falling. This has smashed the previous record for November with 10 days still to go. Originally the mountains were due to open next...

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Max Hill – SBC Skier Cover

A nice surprise in my mail box this morning. I knew about this for a couple of weeks but today was the first time I have seen the finished product. This is my 8th cover but my first one in N.America so i’m really pleased...

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F-Stop Satori Camera Pack

Almost more than any other question I get asked is ” What camera bag do you use?”  This is the answer…… well, one of them anyway.  F-Stop is a company which specializes in camera bags for the adventure minded photographer.  If you like to ski, hike, climb or ride a bike...

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Shooting Video with the Canon 5dMKII – Part 2

So once you have all of your video in a format that you can work with, import it all into Final Cut and set up a new project. This is where you need to tread carefully, depending on which version of FCP you have. I have Final Cut 5 and that caused some problems to begin with because I had no clue...

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Shooting video with a Canon 5dMKII – Part 1

When I first got the 5dMKII last winter, the camera world was buzzing about the incredible HD video that it can shoot as well as the beautiful 21MP images. This will be great I thought, I can shoot some videos in between shooting photos. When it actually came down to it though, nice idea as it is,...

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