I noticed that in the latest update to Lightroom, Adobe is now applying a default sharpening amount of 40 to Raw images, instead of the previous 25.  It has been 25 since Lightroom first came to market I think. I think in most cases this won’t cause people any issues because in theory you should be treating sharpening on a case-by-case basis anyway and adjusting the sharpening and sharpen masking for each image.  It’s just something to be aware of…

My guess is that they have done this because the default 25 setting was less perceptible as photo pixel dimensions get larger. With most cameras now being in the range of 18-50MP it was probably a way to make things look a little better “out of the box”.

Anyway, nothing major to worry about, but something to be aware of since I hadn’t seen it mentioned anywhere else.

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