Just a quick one to let you guys know that Peak Design is now shipping all the newly updated goodies that they launched last month. They initially ran a short Kickstarter campaign, but now the new Capture Clip V3, Slide and Slide Lite straps are shipping in limited quantities from their website.  If you’re quick, you might get things in before Christmas!!

Purchase links:

If you’d like to get a discount on all Peak Design products, we are able to offer a special deal to our readers thanks to our long time relationship with Peak Design. Just click the button to reveal it.

I recently published a full review of the new Slide and Slide Lite camera straps on Shutter Muse that might help you with your decision, and of course there’s the hands-on preview I did here that included the Capture V3. I’ve had this gear for a few months now, so if you have questions just let me know!

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