My Favourite Wordpress Photo Gallery Plugin Just Added an Awesome New Feature

If you’re a photographer with a Wordpress website then you need to have a great gallery plugin to give you ultimate control on how you display your images. I use and recommend Envira Gallery because it allows me to make cool sections like this automatically updating Instagram gallery, or even to sync photos to my website from within Lightroom.

Recently Envira added another cool feature called Lazy Loading. When a page on your website is opened in someone’s browser, normally the browser loads all the content from the page, even if you haven’t scrolled down to all of it just yet. Lazy loading delays the loading of the images until a little later, in fact it does it right before the viewer gets to the images. Since images are often the largest element of a web page, this means that initial load times on your pages are much faster. People’s attention is very short when browsing web pages, and studies have revealed that 40% of people abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load!

This means that lazy loading your gallery images with the Envira Gallery plugin will provide a much better user experience, and more than likely it will also increase the number of people that view your photos. Obviously, if you’re talking about a portfolio website then this would in-turn lead to more clients and more print sales. On top of that, Google uses page loading speeds as part of its algorithm for determining your website’s position in search results, so this can also improve your photography website SEO.

Just another reason why Envira Gallery is by far the best WP gallery plugin!

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Dan Carr

Founder of Shutter Muse, full time photographer and creative educator. Dan lives in the Canadian Yukon, but his wanderlust often sends him in search of images all around the world to meet the needs of clients and readers alike.

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