Month: October 2014

PDN PhotoPlus Week = Savings

PDN PhotoPlus Expo kicks off in New York this week.  Sadly I’m not able to be there this year but the folks at B&H Photo have a ton of great deals on to celebrate the show. You can find all the deals on this page or click the image below! Sample savings…. many more when you click through...

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5 Day Black & White Challenge

I was recently nominated by my friend Matt Jacques, to take part in the 5 Day Black & White Challenge.  Quite simply, post a new black and white photo every day and then nominate someone else to do the same thing.  The “rules” were pretty loose, no need to have shot the photo that day for example.  I ended up sharing a mixture of older photos, and photos that I hadn’t previously gotten around to processing.  It was a really fun exercise and a great reminder of the power of B&W processing when combined with the right image. Here...

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Don’t Miss Out! Join Me On Instagram

A great many of you guys follow me on various social media platforms but I was a little slow off the mark with Instagram.  These days I think I enjoy sharing things there more than any other platform so I would love to see you over there!  I find that different photographers use Instagram in different ways.  Some only share photos taken with their mobile devices.  Some will only share their very best work and others share behind the scenes style photos.  I tend to fall somewhere in the middle of all of these things as several people have...

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Reader Question: Will I Be Buying A 7D MkII ??

Hey guys, I’ve just got back from the kayaking trip I posted a teaser photo about a few weeks ago.  In time I will share more about that trip but if you are following me on Instagram then you’ll be pretty up-to-date already! While I was away I got several questions from readers who were asking if I’ll be buying a 7D MKII when they arrive next month. The short answer to this question is yes, but that doesn’t mean I’ll keep it! I used to own to original 7D when it first came out and I used it professionally...

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