Month: March 2014

My Short-Lived Experiment With File Transporter & Why I’m Switching To Google Drive

I’m not quite sure what to call this product….. Transporter?  File Transporter?  Drobo Transporter? Their website is, as is their twitter account, but they refer to themselves as Transporter, though they are now owned by Drobo. B&H does list the item as Drobo Transporter though. Confusing. The Transporter is a device for creating your own cloud storage so that you can be free from the monthly payments of services like Dropbox and Google Drive.  I’ve watched the development of the Transporter with great interest.  The company that makes it, Connected Data, was founded by Geoff Barrall who used...

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New Free eBook Available – Canon 200-400 Extended Review

Since my review of the stellar Canon 200-400 has been very popular I’ve launched a slightly extended version with extra images as a free eBook.  The book is available in either PDF format or iBook through my website Shutter Muse HERE. I much prefer browsing images on a tablet device and I love the way this review looks on iPads and Android tablets....

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