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When I first started to write this blog I included posts about my photography work, mixed in with gear reviews and industry news.  Eventually I decided that I needed to separate these two things so I started www.TheSkiPhotographer.com as a place to keep info about my ski photography work which takes up the majority of my shooting time.  Since then I haven’t really shared any of my work on this blog apart from the odd technique related post.  Today though I’d like to break that habit because I’m proud to be able to say that I have the #1 rated photo on the popular photography website 500PX.  I’ve been a fan of this site since it’s launch and it never ceases to amaze me how much incredible photography there is out there in the world.  To have the #1 photo is a proud moment for me, a real honor.  I’ve been amazed at the response I’ve had this morning from the media as well.  500PX is doing a lot right!  Newspapers and news agencies from around the world have contacted me this morning looking to showcase the image and the rest of my winter work.  It’s really quite incredible!

Photo background:

We’d been looking for a spot to build some consecutive jumps for a few weeks and when the opportunity finally presented itself we only had a few minutes of light left in the day.  As you can see in the image there is no direct light left!  The sun had just settled behind the mountains and time was running out.  This was Sammy’s first hit on the jumps and YES this was all shot in one go.  I put the Canon 1dMK4 on JPEG mode to get more shots before the buffer filled up and I literally just let it rip!  There was just enough shots in the buffer though.  This was shot with the Canon 70-300 L IS lens that I used so much last winter with great success.

Please click HERE to view the image on 500PX in higher resolution.


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