Travel Tip : Traveling With Pelican Cases

Today I have a quick tip for you if you are going to travel with camera equipment in Pelican cases.  These types of cases provide excellent protection for any gear that needs to travel in the hold of the aircraft, but people know that expensive equipment lies within.  They can become a target for theft and also draw time consuming attention from customs officials who want to see what you have in the case.  My solution for this issue is a simple one, simply place my Pelican case inside a large duffel bag.  The one I use came from Eddie Bauer but you can find these large types of bags in practically any outdoor store.  Now it looks the same as any other bag on the baggage conveyor belt!  Now I’m not saying you should be trying to fool customs agents, absolutely not!  If you are traveling with something that needs to be declared then you should most definitely do so.  But if you are simply moving your own camera gear around and are in a hurry to get out of the airport ( who isn’t these days ?!) then passing through with a duffel bag probably won’t get you a second look.


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