Can You Fly with a Tripod?

I have often wondered what the official stance on this is, but it turns out there’s a simple page on the TSA website that tells you the answer. Clearly it says that monopods and tripod are ok to travel with, as long as they fall within luggage dimensional limits. Of course those vary from airline to airline, but roughly speaking I’d say that it gives you room for a 21″ long tripod, as long as when strapped to the side of your bag it doesn’t then push your other bag dimensions over the limit. Seems reasonable. The CATSA (Canadian version

Gear Check: Anker PowerPort Cube

Anker make a ton of awesome power accessories and the PowerPort Cube is my new favourite travel power strip. Sometimes you just can’t find enough power sockets in a hotel room so a power strip is a useful travel accessory. The problem is that traditional power strips, with their side-by-side sockets, often make it difficult to plug in multiple battery chargers. The cubic shape of the Anker PowerPort Cube solves this problem entirely, and it even has three USB ports on it too, so you can keep your phone and other smaller devices charged. This thing solves so many charging

Uh Oh – They Weighed My Carry-On Luggage..!

If you’re reading the blog posts in chronological order, you’ll know I had a less than pleasing travel experience a few days ago on a flight to the Yukon. It seems that air travel is only destined to get more complicated, and on my return flight to British Columbia this morning with Air North (actually I’m writing this on the plane), I had another experience that’s worth talking about. In this instance I ran up against the dreaded carry-on luggage weight limit. I’ve flown a lot in my career and in well over a decade of flight you can count

Flying in Canada? You Need to Know This About Transport Canada’s New Security Procedures, or You Might Lose Your Laptop

I generally enjoy the process of flying to, from or through Canada’s airports. They are usually friendly, efficient places to be, and travel normally seems hassle free. Unfortunately, Transport Canada has just dropped the ball in a big way, and if you’re not prepared for it, you may end up having a frustrating experience and potentially have someone walk off with your laptop. The system at fault is the new hand luggage screening process that is currently being implemented in Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa. At the moment I’m not sure if it will be more widespread than that, but

Flying With Photography Gear

Hey guys! Over on my photography educational website, Shutter Muse, I’ve posted an absolutely MONSTER SIZED guide to flying with your photography gear.   I don’t cross post everything here from my personal blog, but I put a ton of time, effort and experience into this one and people seem to be really appreciating it already. You’ll learn: How to pack your gear How to fly with film How to fly with flash batteries What paperwork you need to take with you + carry on baggage info for 30+ airlines I’ll even tell you the story about how I delayed

Outlets To Go 320 – A New Travel Essential

The Monster Outlets To Go 320 has just been added to my Travel Essentials list.  This tiny little device will expand one plug socket into three, and also add two USB ports at the same time.  The USB ports are powerful enough to charge an iPhone or an iPad and most importantly for me, the unit itself is compatible with 110v to 250v.  This means that it will not go POP if you plug it into a wall in the UK or other European countries.  Note that it is not a voltage converter though, but this is not a problem

Think Tank Special – FREE Laptop Bag With Every Roller

For the month of May, Think Tank are giving away a FREE Artificial Intelligence laptop bag (worth $59) with every roller bag that you purchase.  All you have to do is click on on of my links below and when you come to check out you’ll get the option to add the laptop bag!  Think Tank’s roller bags are the rollers that all other rollers are judged by, simple as that.  Walk into any press room at any sporting event and all you will see is Think Tank rollers as far as the eye can see, I kid you not. 

Travel Tip : Traveling With Pelican Cases

Today I have a quick tip for you if you are going to travel with camera equipment in Pelican cases.  These types of cases provide excellent protection for any gear that needs to travel in the hold of the aircraft, but people know that expensive equipment lies within.  They can become a target for theft and also draw time consuming attention from customs officials who want to see what you have in the case.  My solution for this issue is a simple one, simply place my Pelican case inside a large duffel bag.  The one I use came from Eddie

10 luxuries for the traveling photographer

Last week I posted 10 essentials for the traveling photographer. This week we are moving up the scale a bit to check out some things that you don’t necessarily need, but would be awesome to have if you have everything else on the previous list! 1. G-Tech Hard Drives In the essentials list I put hard drives and recommended the LaCie Rugged drives. If you are going to take a step up though then you have to check out the G-Raid Mini from G-Tech. This tiny enclosure houses 2 hard drives that can be configured in any Raid configuration meaning

Flying with an Elinchrom Ranger

This morning I was woken up at 4am by someone hammering on my front door. I was ecstatic. Why? Because the guy who was banging 7 shades out of my door, was also carrying my pelican case full of flash equipment that I had last seen at Queenstown airport in New Zealand 4 days ago. If you own and travel with an Elinchrom Ranger (or similar batery powered flash) then you would be advised to read on. Let’s face it, if you put a Ranger through an x-ray scanner at an airport , it’s going to trigger some alarms. And