New Budget Friendly Fluid Head From Sachtler

I’m a big fan of Sachtler fluid video heads but they don’t come cheap.  With more and more budget conscious DSLR film makers out there Sachtler have decided to address the lower price point with the launch of a new full fluid head called the Ace , which comes partnered with a tripod for an expected price of only around $500. This price would make it the cheapest proper fluid head on the market and initial reviews of the heads build quality have been glowing.

  • Centre Spreader version total weight: 4.4kg
  • Floor spreader version total weight: 4.6 kg
  • Head on it’s own weight: 1.7kg (only sold with sticks)
  • Centre spreader min max height: 78cm/169cm
  • Floor spreader min max height 57cm/173cm
  • Length for transport: 85cm
  • Payload for both: 0-4kg
  • Temperature range: -30 C to 60C
  • Max angle of head 90 degrees down, 75 degrees up.
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