Arri are better known for their cinema lenses and big production cameras like the Alexa but they also make acessories for filmmakers and with the rise in popularity of smaller cameras like the Panasonic AF-100 and the Sony F3 they now have smaller items to suit those cameras.  New for NAB 2011 was the MMB-2 Matte Box.  The premise of the MMB-2 is a modular design so you can add as much or as little to it is you require.  You can buy a complete kit, or all the parts individually.  Interesting add-ons include foam covered handles which mount right to the edge of the box, providing good stability for shoulder rigs.  This was my favorite Matte Box  for DSLR and small camera/large sensor type shooting at NAB this year.  It brought with it all the quality you would expect from a company such as Arri but in an affordable package.  With an optional skirt added to the back it will be compatible with photo lenses such as the Canon 24-70 which have extending front elements during zooming.

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