New Marshall LCD Monitors Make An Appearance at NAB

I’ve previously covered information on these new LCD monitors right HERE but here at NAB Marshall had prototype units on display.  The casing design may change slightly , there are very much proto builds but the functionality of them was all in place.  I think these will be the go-to monitors for HDSLR shooting when they hit production at the end of May.  HDMI loop-through is great and the modular output allows HDSDI and even HDMI to HDSDI conversion using existing modules from Marshall’s range.  The user configurable nobs and buttons mean that you can select all your favorite functions to be easily accessible and the whole menu system is intuitive and quick.  These are GREAT !  The 7″ in particular will be very popular I think.  The 5.6″ is a little bigger physically than their current 5.6″ and almost feels like you may as well go for 7″ at that point.

7" V-LCD70MD LCD Monitor
v-lcd56md Marshall Monitor 5.6" Monitor

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