New Angenieux 45-120 T2.8 Zoom

Now granted this is not a lens that many people outside of rental houses can afford but I couldn’t resist taking a look at it.  Angenieux cine zooms are acknowledged as amongst the best PL mount zooms in the business, if not THE best.  Lightweight (relatively speaking) and compact they are a hit with many DPs.  This week at NAB sees the introduction of the new 45-120mm t2.8 Optimo zoom which will set you back a whopping $55,000.  If you’ve never held or felt a proper cine zoom then you are probably wandering how it can be worth that much money.  These things are made to a standard that you can’t even begin to imagine until you see and feel it for yourself, truly incredible.  They had it mounted to a Red Epic and it was a perfect match for size and weight, fantastic for a steadycam rig.

They also have 1.3x and 2x teleconverters/extenders to go with it for approx $4000 each! (Pictured below)

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