ARRI Launches the ALEXA Studio

Arri has bought a third variation of the Alexa camera to NAB this year.  On top of Alexa and Alexa Plus there is now Alexa Studio which features a larger full sized 4:3 sensor and an optical viewfinder.  The viewfinder will allow much more critical focusing via the VF and includes a switch to un-squash 2x anamorphic lenses.  Arri are also expected to announce a firmware upgrade for the Alexa platform that brings 120fps.

The unique ability of this camera to use 2x anamorphic lenses as well as 1.3x lenses is going to have a lot of DPs very interested in this camera…

Alexa and Aexa plus feature an image output of up to 2880×1620 px BUT Alexa Studio takes it to 4:3 and has 2880×2160 px

(NAB Las Vegas–April 11, 2011) ARRI is pleased to announce an addition to the ALEXA family of cameras with the ALEXA Studio. As the flagship camera, the ALEXA Studio will feature an optical viewfinder and a 4:3 sensor.

Like the ARRICAM Studio, the ALEXA Studio is equipped with a quiet, electronically adjustable mirror shutter and an optical viewfinder. The viewfinder is a completely new development, which allows the camera to accept both 435 and ARRICAM style eyepieces and viewfinder extensions. Operators can look forward to a high resolution, high contrast image with true colors and little geometric distortion.

Using the full 4:3 area of the ALEXA sensor allows plug-and-play use of anamorphic 2x lenses on the ALEXA Studio. Aside form the ARRIFLEX D-21, the ALEXA Studio is the only digital camera with true anamorphic capability. Anamorphic lenses create a unique image quality that has been appreciated by directors throughout history and cannot be created in post.

The optical viewfinder works without power and is less fatiguing to the eye than electronic viewfinders. With zero delay, these viewfinders show exactly what is happening, right when it is happening through the taking lens. All ARRI optical viewfinders can be freely rotated, extended or flipped to the other camera side for comfortable viewing in any camera position.

Its 4:3 sensor, optical viewfinder and other high-end features position ALEXA Studio as the premium camera for spherical and anamorphic feature films and commercials. The ALEXA Studio is expected to be released in late 2011. See more at the ARRI NAB Booth # C4337.

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