Month: March 2010

Packing for a skiing photo trip to Japan

A few months ago I got a call from Salomon asking if I would like to be part of a trip to Japan in February. The crew would be Sammy Carlson, Dane Tudor and Mike Henitiuk along with filmers from Salomon and also Poorboyz Productions. I was stoked! Japan was right up there on the list of places I wanted to go and I knew the proposed crew for the trip would be a good one…. We left Vancouver airport heading for Tokyo and then a flight from there to Sapporo on Hokaido, Japan’s North Island. Trying to pack gear for long overseas trips like this is always tough. Airlines have all but done away with the old baggage allowances of 2x32kg bags , most now only allow 2x22kg (and sometimes even less). To transport ski equipment, camera equipment and personal items in 2×22 is nearly impossible. My ski gear (skis, boots, poles, ski wear etc) weights in at 20KG on its own. I resign myself to the fact that I’m going to get charged for excess baggage either way. The important thing though is to try and keep it to 2 bags of 32kg. Anything over 32kg must be sent as freight! For this trip I took a large Dakine rolling ski bag in which I packed my ski gear, a tripod, a shovel and probe, 2 lightstands...

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Portfolio update – New images

I decided that it was time to update some portfolio sections on my website. At the end of each winter I have a stack of images that I would just love to show everybody. Unfortunately they have to remain under wraps until they have been used by either the commercial or editorial clients in the following winter’s ski magazine! It means that some photos can lay dormant on my hard drive for over 12 months before they are seen by people other than art directors, marketing managers and photo editors. At this time though, nearly everything that I shot last winter that is going to be published in one way or another has been so I can finally update my site with some fresh images. These are a few of my favorite ones from last year. Some were shot on editorial assignments, some on commercial shoots and some when I’m just out shooting. On my main website you can view the images in THIS GALLERY where they are displayed slightly bigger. For ease you can also browse them below. For daily updates on what I’m up to, please join me on my Facebook page. All images copyright © Dan...

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Canon updates firmware on 5dMKII to include 24p

Today Canon has finally released the much awaited firmware update that adds 24p and 25p recording modes to the 5dMKII. Since the camera’s introduction more than a year ago, Canon has released several firmware updates. The first major one last year added manual exposure control to the video mode, but video professionals around the world were clamoring for more. Since it’s introduction the 5dMKII has been hampered by true 30fps recording (not 29.97) and no other frame rates. Petitions were signed and websites created in order to try and convince Canon to create an update to change this, thankfully Canon listened. You can download the update HERE But it goes further than simply adding these new frame rates and you really have to applaud Canon for this. In fact for all of this. They could have sat back and not added this functionality until the 5dMKIII, i’m pleased to see them taking this approach. They were caught off guard by the incredible success of the video recording and initially at least never expected people to be using these cameras to shoot high-end TV commercials and even Hollywood movie scenes with them. The firmware to fix the problem has been in development for many months, and we can assume on many movie sets. There’s going to be a lot of happy film makers out there this evening! So lets see...

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Photo from the archives

Canon 5d MKII + 17-40 f4L, 1/1000 ISO 800 f8.0 This is an unused shot from a commercial shoot for Whistler Blackcomb last spring. You can view the final ads here in a old blog...

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