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Almost more than any other question I get asked is ” What camera bag do you use?”  This is the answer…… well, one of them anyway.  F-Stop is a company which specializes in camera bags for the adventure minded photographer.  If you like to ski, hike, climb or ride a bike with your gear these are the bags for you.  My main use for the Satori is backcountry skiing and my previous one saw some heavy action over an 18 month period.  During this time, F-Stop was constantly seeking feedback from a group of action sports photographers including myself and others like pro climbing photog Tim Kemple.  The result of our findings and feedback is this newly updated pack released this month.  F-Stop bags are available in limited stores but also available directly from their web store HERE.  Hopefully the photos at the bottom give you an idea of just how much stuff you can fit in this bag. There is plenty of room in the pack for all my camera gear as well as things like shovel and avalanche probe ( see photos below).  This new version is available in Red, Black or Green.  If you are looking for something similar but a little bit smaller then check out the F-Stop Tilopa.  It is almost identical in design, only slightly smaller.

Most photographers go through a perpetual search for the perfect camera bag.  Well I can finally stop that search, for backcountry ski photography this is THE bag and it will also suit photographers of many other outdoor sports.  The seam-sealed zippers keep your kit safe and dry and the material is incredibly durable.  The last version I had showed hardly a scuff after 18 months of use!

The HUGE internal camera compartment allows me enormous flexibility in choosing what equipment I carry with me and with the excellent harness system I can easily carry 30-40lbs all day long with no problems.

By removing the XL camera block and replacing it with a smaller one I can also use this bag for an overnight camping trip or a weekend trip away to the city where I only need a 1 camera, 1 lens setup with room for clothing and a laptop.

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