Month: May 2009

Summer is coming

Yesterday was Gaper day here in Whistler. Blackcomb is now closed and Whistler is open for some limited spring skiing. I have one more snowboard shoot left to do here with the Sandbox crew and it looks like we will get that done towards the end of this week when the current low pressure has cleared out. Winter is nearly done. When winter finishes in Whistler though you only get a couple of weeks off before summer camps start up on the glacier. I’m stoked already, the Blackcomb glacier hosts 2 of the best summer parks in the world. Momentum Ski camp and Camp of Champions. Here is a few of the shots from last summer that have been published...

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Ultra Portable lightstand. 386B Nano Clamp

Ever find yourself skiing,snowboarding or biking with a 40lb pack? Chances are your bag is full of speedlights, cameras and lenses with 4 lightstands hanging off the side just waiting to crack you in the side of the head at every turn. This winter when I started to slimline my gear a bit in an effort to save my back, I decided that i needed to find some super lightweight lightstand solutions. I tried out some $10 tripods from ebay, you know the ones, shiny and silver , made from 1/2 mm think aluminum. Lightweight they are, but they are still too bulky if you have a few of them. In the end, the solution was pretty simple. Why take a stand at all if I already have skis and ski poles (or bike handlebars and tree branches depending on the season). All I needed was find a way of attaching the flash to my ski tip or ski pole and then I can just stick that wherever I want. Enter the Manfrotto 386B Nano Clamp. Most photographers are familiar with the ubiqutous Manfrotto Superclamp. This thing is bombproof and very sturdy but also far too big and heavy to be considered portable. Last year Manfrotto came out with it’s little brother, the 386B. It only weighs 110g but is rated to hold 4kg and it fits in the...

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Pocketwizard TT1 Review

Be prepared… this is a long one. A few months ago I wrote a post HERE about a couple of exciting new products from LPA designs, the makers of the pocketwizard triggering system. If you are entirely unfamiliar with these products i suggest a quick read of my earlier post as there is a bit of assumed knowledge. I’m not initially interested in the wireless ETTL modes for these new models so i just bought myself a TT1 transmitter to try out the Hypersync mode which supposedly allows you to achieve a much higher x-sync with your strobes. Unfortunately...

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