Month: April 2009

Tested my 85mm lens.

When I sold my 70-200 2.8L IS to get one of the newer, sharper f4 versions I also picked up a Canon 85mm f1.8 to use for shooting portraits and lifestyle stuff. This week I have been shooting with Kaya Turski , fresh off her win at the European Open and with an x-games medal in her pocket she is finally putting injuries behind her and skiing really well. As well as some skiing stuff, I also wanted to get a few headshots and portraits of her as i’m sure magazines are going to be needing this stuff next...

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A note on remote camera shooting.

Ever looked at something and wished you could shoot 2 different angles? Any working photog these days is going to own more than one camera. If one of your cameras fails, you need to be able to finnish the job you are being paid for. But other than having the camera just as a backup, you can put that camera to good use too. Remote cameras are nothing new in sports photography. Take a look around any major sporting event and you will often see hundreds of remote cameras. Photographers for some large agencies will capture anything up to 10 different anlges with the push of one button. This type of setup is not something you see in action sports photography very often but it does happen and it can be very useful. In a lot of circumstances it is just not practical for me to shoot with more than one camera, the weight of the extra equipment simply outweighs the benefits. But if I am shooting a park shoot or a snowmobile accessed backcountry jump then I will put my extra camera to use. The remote camera is fired using the same pocketwizards that I use for my lighting gear, in fact the only extra piece of equipment you need is a motor cable to attach the pocketwizard to the 10-pin socket on the side of the camera....

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