Month: January 2009

Winter gloves for photographers – The POW Photog

Another question that comes up quite often from readers of this blog and visitors to my site is “what gloves do you wear when you are shooting in the snow?” I’ve seen this question discussed on several other photography websites too, it’s not just ski and snowboard photogs who are in need of a decent pair of winter shooting gloves. Of course the problem is that we want to stay warm but also retain the use of our finger tips for operating the camera controls and most importantly, the shutter button. Wearing a think pair of winter gloves, it’s all too easy to miss a shot because you were not pressing down hard enough to squeeze the shutter through the thick material. The Photog glove from POW solves this problem perfectly. The tips of the thumb and the first two fingers can be folded back and held out of the way by the ingenious implementation of a few small magnets. When it’s time to shoot, fold a couple of finger tips back for full dexterity and fire away. The palms of the gloves are also covered in a camera based pattern but this is not just aesthetic. The pattern is made from a very sticky rubber to give you great grip on your gear in the cold. The gloves are suggested for temperatures from 25 to 65 degrees F....

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Behind the Shot: Lake Wakatipu Long Lens

An instantly recognizable scene for anyone that happens to have driven this road south of Queenstown in New Zealand. As landscape photography locations go, it’s an easy one to get to since it’s right on the side of the highway. The main reason I wanted to include this photo is to share a side-by-side comparison with this main photo, and another that was taken in the exact same location using a wide angle lens. I find that a lot of people tend to gravitate towards wide angle shots for landscape images, and whilst it’s true that they work best...

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What kind of memory cards do I use?

Here’s a quick post on a question I get asked quite often. What kind of memory cards do I use? I exclusively use the Sandisk Extreme III memory cards. When I first got into photography I had the 2GB vesrsions of this card and I have never experienced a single failure. I think it’s safe to say that most photographers pick one type of card and unless they experience any failures, most likely stick with that type/brand for a very long time. The thing that initially attracted me to these cards was that they are rated down to -25 degrees C. I have actually used these in far colder temperatures and as I said, so far so good. At the time the Extreme IV cards were not available and even though they are now, for me I dont think the download speed of UDMA technology is worth the price premium just yet. These days I use the newer 30mb/s versions of the Extreme IIIs in my cameras. 4GB cards in my 1DMKIIN and 8GB cards in my 5DMKII. To download the cards I use the Sandisk Extreme USB2.0 card reader which I think is excellent value at only around $25. The tests performed on this site indicate that it is right up there with the fastest readers when combined with the Extreme cards. The other nice thing about the...

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I’m back – but where have I been……?

The lack of updates over the last few weeks might lead you to believe that I have been off adventuring round the world chasing snow storms….not quite. It’s been a strange winter here in British Columbia. The snow didn’t really come in November and December leaving the mountains still looking like mountain bike resorts. A lot of my plans went down the plughole and I was left twiddling my thumbs for a few weeks. Then on December 26th Vancouver received nearly 60cm of snow (though nearby Whistler got only a couple of inches). With more snow than Vancouver had ever seen I quickly organized a trip down there to meet up with the Poorboyz crew and we hit some rails for a few days with Mike Henitiuk, Matt Margetts and Leigh Powis. When a city that normally doesnt get any snow, receives nearly 2 feet, the place comes to a standstill. Jeff Thomas met me at his house in North Vancouver by coming down his road on his snowmobile….. As soon as that trip was done I headed back to Whistler for the Deep Winter photo challenge that I wrote about last week. After the Deep Winter I headed back down to Vancouver for a shoot at Grouse Mountain which saw the beginning of another strage weather pattern. As we arrived at Grouse it looked like the day was...

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Deep Winter Photo Challenge – The Aftermath

A couple of months ago I was invited to take part in the Deep Winter photo challenge here in Whistler, BC. The idea behind the competition is that 5 invited photographers assemble a team of riders to shoot with for 3 days and the resulting photos are combined into a slideshow of approximately 3 minutes. The shows are judged by a panel of photo editors from various magazines and all the shows are played to a crowd of hundreds of people at one of the hotels in Whistler. We shot the photos between the 6th and 8th of January and predictably for whistler, the conditions were incredibly challenging. The first day was blowing a blizzard, quickly resulting in a lot of very very wet camera equipment. On the second day the freezing level went up to the alpine leaving all the fresh snow feeling like you were skiing through custard on top of that it was raining at some levels. The third day was somewhat nicer, a few rays of sunshine poked through but snow conditions were less than stellar and the alpine areas of the mountain remained closed due to avalanche danger. Before the competition began i was somewhat apprehensive. Normally its a good days shooting if you get one or two great shots but to get enough shots to fill a 3 minute slide show in only...

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