Month: October 2008

Whistler Blackcomb Ad – Peak To Peak

I sold a photo to Whistler Blackcomb recently for them to use in an advert for the new Peak to Peak gondola. If you haven’t heard of the gondola project check it out here. The gondola spans the valley between Whistler and Blackcomb mountain and will be officially opened this winter. The clever part is in the design though, it’s only held up by four lift towers on its 2.8 mile length leaving a 1.88 mile length in the middle completely unsupported! This is the shot of Marshal Talbot that was used. It was shot on Whistler mountain this past winter with a Canon 1dMKIIN and a 70-200 2.8 at 1/320 and f9.0. Lighting came from an Elinchrom Ranger at full power hidden behind the tree on the right almost point straight up at Marshal and the base of his skis. The Ranger was on top of an 8ft lightstand and fired with pocketwizards...

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How to make a cheap twin flash bracket.

Firstly let’s just quickly cover why you might want to make a twin flash bracket. Using two flashes where you might normally only have one has several advantages. Firstly and most obviously you have double the power, useful if you are trying to overpower the sun outside. Secondly if you use both flashes at half power, you’ll have the same total power as with one flash but with a much faster recycling time. The third advantage is that at half power you will also have a much faster flash duration. The exact factor of duration increase will depend on the type of flash you are using but it can often be half the duration at half power. Very useful if you are shooting fast moving subjects as I often am. You can buy twin flash brackets that range from $50 up to $100. For me this is excessive for something so simple. I needed 4 and there’s no way i was going to pay hundreds of dollars so I decided to make some at home. Total cost for 4 brackets….$10 Firstly you need to make a quick trip to the hardware store to pick up a box of screws. You’ll need 1/4 – 20 screws and i used ones that were 1 inch in length. You are also going to need some threaded inserts, again with 1/4 – 20...

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Adverts for Spyder clothing

Here’s a couple of cool adverts for Spyder clothing, both were shot at Camp Of Champions on the Horstman Glacier here in Whistler this summer. Thanks to Fabia Gruebler,Matt Sterbenz and the 4FRNT crew for arranging the sunset shoot for Matt Hayward (in the yellow suit) and big thanks to the COC park crew for keeping such an imaculate park and pipe. For the Strobists out there, Matt’s shot was lit with an Elinchrom Ranger RX on full power behind the lip of the jump and shot at 1/200 f9.0 iso 100 and 115mm on a 70-200 at about 8:00pm. Tuckers shot was taken at about 8:00am and again lit with one Ranger RX on full power about 10 feet to camera left and about level with Tucker on a 12ft lightstand. 1/320 f14.0 iso160 and 24mm. For this shot we had a very small time window.  The pipe needed to be nice and hard for Tuck to get some decent air but as soon as the sun hit the pipe it melted fast. He only got to hit it about 6 times, this shot came from the second try. Couple more of Tuck. Watch out for him this...

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