Leica Unveils The X2 – 16MP APS-C Fixed Lens Compact

Today Leica has unveiled their new X2 compact, fixed lens camera.  On the outside there appears to be very little different apart from a socket to attach an optional EVF.  Very sadly this camera has the same 230,000 dot LCD screen as it’s predecessor. The problem that I have with this screen is that it was a bad screen two and a half years ago.  Nearly every single review complained about it at the time and Leica has simply ignored this fact.  Two and a half years is eons in today’s world, which sees many technological advancements ever couple of …

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Impressions of the Leica X1

The X1 was launched by Leica alongside the M9 back in September 2009 and a new all black version was displayed at Photokina this year, set to ship within the next month.  For those unfamiliar with this camera there are a few stand out features that immediately set this camera apart from other compacts.  Firstly Leica have managed to squeeze a 12MP APS-C sized sensor into the diminutive X1 body which is an impressive achievement and immediately gives it an advantage over most other compact cameras.  Secondly the X1 features a fixed 24mm Leica Elmarit lens.  Elmarit in Leica land