Many Camera & Lens Rebates Ending Soon

Most of the major rebate programs from the major manufacturers are set to expire on June 29th or July6th in the case of the Canon one!  If you’ve been holding off on that next lens or camera purchase you’ll want to check these out today to make sure you aren’t about to miss out.          

Nikon November Rebates

Great stuff from Nikon this month. The D600 is a very impressive little camera !

Think Tank Spring Special Extended Until Fathers Day – June 17th

Think Tank are giving away a FREE Artificial Intelligence laptop bag (worth $59) with every roller bag that you purchase. All you have to do is click on on of my links below and when you come to check out you’ll get the option to add the laptop bag! Think Tank’s roller bags are the rollers that all other rollers are judged by, simple as that. Walk into any press room at any sporting event and all you will see is Think Tank rollers as far as the eye can see, I kid you not. I use a Think Tank …

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NIkon’s Buy Together And Save Rebates Run All Through June

It’s not just Canon users that can get some great deals this month, Nikon also have a series of rebates running until June 30th on both DSLRs and their Nikon 1 mirrorless system.   As usual B&H have a special page setup to help you understand all of the deals. Amazon also has a dedicated page setup to help you figure out the best savings.

Only Three Days Left In Canon’s Current Rebate Round

Canon’s current double rebate program only has three days left on the clock.  Depending on the camera / lens combination you can save up to $550.  This is always the best time to grab something for your summer. Head on over to B&H where they have a really nicely designed special set of pages to figure out your double rebate savings when you purchase a camera and a lens.

Canon Launches Winter Rebate Program

It’s just that time of year when everyone is trying to get you to buy something !  Canon have just launched their huge winter rebate program and you can make savings on this from now until January 7th! B&H have a dedicated page to help you get to grips will all the discounts.