Just 2 Days Left In Canon’s Winter Rebate Program!!

Get ’em while they’re hot! Just a couple of days remain in Canon’s winter rebate program.  If you’ve been thinking about that new camera or new lens then NOW is the time to grab it and take the savings.

Canon’s Summer Rebates – Only A Few Days Remaining

As it stands now, Canon’s summer rebate program will expire on September the 1st.  That means you only have a few days left to save hundreds of dollars on a new lens or camera.  You wouldn’t want to buy something just after the rebate has expired!! Click these links to take you to the relevant pages to see what you can save. Lens rebates Speedlights

Sigma Lens Rebates Running All The Way Until July 31st

As I’ve said before, this is probably the best time to pick up some new gear.  Every major manufacturer has rebates running and SIGMA is no different. Check out the SIGMA rebates for all lens mount types below: Canon mount SIGMA lenses Nikon mount SIGMA lenses Sony Alpha mount SIGMA lenses Pentax mount SIGMA lenses  

Only Three Days Left In Canon’s Current Rebate Round

Canon’s current double rebate program only has three days left on the clock.  Depending on the camera / lens combination you can save up to $550.  This is always the best time to grab something for your summer. Head on over to B&H where they have a really nicely designed special set of pages to figure out your double rebate savings when you purchase a camera and a lens.

Canon Launches Winter Rebate Program

It’s just that time of year when everyone is trying to get you to buy something !  Canon have just launched their huge winter rebate program and you can make savings on this from now until January 7th! B&H have a dedicated page to help you get to grips will all the discounts.

Canon’s New Autumn Rebate Program

Canon have launched their new October/November rebate program.  Head on over to B&H Photo or Amazon to grab something shiny and new for the winter !    

Canon’s Summer Instant Rebate Program !

Canon has just launched it’s summer instant rebate program and you can pick up some awesome savings instantly on B&H Photo.  No mailing in rebate slips, these discounts are applied immediately so you can take the saving right away.Included in the rebate program are some of my very favorite lenses ! Canon 100mm f2.8 L IS Macro Canon 70-300 f4-5.6 l IS