Leica Launches The ‘M’

Well we all figured they would call it M10 but they just went with ‘M’ instead.

  • 24MP CMOS (yes!) sensor
  • Liveview
  • Movie shooting at 24/25p
  • Optional EVF
  • Focus peaking for focus
  • Works with Leica R lenses
  • 920,000 dot LCD
  • Early 2013 availability , no price yet….. think big!

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Leica Launches The M-Monochrom – Black & White Only M9-P

Leica have released another variation of camera based on the old M9 platform.  Last year we saw the M9-P and for Spring 2012 we now have the M-Monochrom, an M9-P that only allows shooting in black and white.  It forgoes the usual anti-aliasing filters and color array filters found on nearly every digital camera and as a result, no demosaicing is required at all on the final image.  This is not simply a color camera that has B&W mode permanently turned on!  It should be able to resolve much higher detail and be much more accurate in terms of subtle

A date with the Leica M9

Last week I wrote about my experiences with the Leica X1.  While I was down in Vancouver I also had the opportunity to have a more extended test period with the Leica M9. 50mm Summicron on the left with a 35mm Summilux on the M9 First a bit of a history lesson.  The M7 and MP were the last of the film rangefinders and the first digital Leica , the M8,  was introduced in 2006 with a 10.3MP 1.3 crop sensor.  An incremental improvement was made in 2008 with the M8.2 which still employed the same 10MP sensor but with

Leica unveils the M9 Titanium edition with electronic frame line projection

I think it’s fair to say that the Leica M9 is one of the most beautiful cameras ever made.  Since it’s launch last year it has been incredibly popular despite a very high price tag.  It is still almost impossible to get hold of in a store. Today Leica has released details of a new special edition Leica M9 Titanium that comes with a titanium coated Summilux 35mm ASPH lens.  But instead of this being a simple titanium version of the current M9, it features an entirely new top design that incorporates a new style of viewfinder to electronically project