Credit Where Credit is Due: Lexar Warranty

This is a little off-topic from my usual blog posts, but I strive to provide useful information to you guys, and I genuinely feel this is worth knowing about. Last week I noticed that one of my Lexar Professional 1000x SD cards was broken. Part of the plastic casing had come apart, and I could no longer insert it safely into a camera. I’ve never had to warranty a memory card before, and I think in general I get filled with a sense of dread at the thought of fighting long wait times in online chat support centres, or even …

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Lexar 1000x Card Sale Is Back

B&H is back with the big discounts no Lexar 1000x cards.  If you missed out on the sale last time then there is $$$s savings to be had.  My personal favorite is the 32GB CF card with a saving of $105 , that is the sweet spot for me personally but there are many other options if you want something larger or smaller. Go to the page HERE

Lexar Announces Intentions To Produce XQD Cards

Lexar has today announced plans to join Sony in producing XQD cards.  Back at CES Lexar indicated to me that they didn’t have any interest in the new format but it seems that opinions have since changed.  Probably because Sony’s new XQD cards surpass the theoretical maximum achievable by Compact Flash cards.  At the moment the Nikon D4 is still the only camera to support the format but with Lexar jumping on board I’m sure we will see Sandisk follow by the end of the year and then every professional camera next year include support for the new format. Press …

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