Gear Check: Nite Ize BugLit LED

This week I thought I’d introduce you to something that I have in every one of my camera bags; The BugLit from Nite Ize.  It’s a tiny LED light with a small carabiner on one end, and 4 bendy, rubberized legs.  It weighs next to nothing, but you can attach it to almost anything with those legs.  Wrap them around things, tie them in a knot, poke them through holes…you name it!


I keep one of these in every camera bag for two reasons:

  1. To find things in the deepest corners of my bags when it’s dark outside.
  2. As an emergency light in an unforeseen situation.

They only cost about $13, and theres 4 different light modes, including an emergency flashing beacon.  One of my favourite things to do is position my camera bag beneath my tripod, then wrap the “Bug” around a tripod leg, pointing down at the bag.  It helps me find and organize my gear before sunrise, or after sunset, but it doesn’t disrupt the surrounding area as can happen if you are wearing a head torch.  If you’re out shooting with some buddies, they will definitely appreciate this gesture as well!

Yeah, it’s not the most exciting thing I’ve ever shown you guys, but it is one of the most useful and it’s a great price. Grab one and keep it clipped to a zipper inside your bag and I guarantee you’ll be glad you did at some point.


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