Commercial photography and photoshoot production.  From concept to finished product, we can make it happen anywhere in the world, or right here in Whistler, BC.
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Editorial & Events

Canadian and worldwide editorial assignments or stock photography. Ask about my extensive collection of Whistler stock photography.

Fine Art Prints

A selection of limited edition, signed artwork is available to collectors as well as smaller open edition prints.
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Photography Education

Custom photography workshops, downloadable digital training content and brand-specific photography training.

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Fine Art Prints

Visit my online print store to view a huge collection of open edition images, as well as my exclusive Limited Edition series.
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How has camera technology evolved during my career?

Recently the good folks from a new camera company called Light, got in touch with me and asked me an interesting question. They wondered how technology changes have played a part in my career as it evolved over the last few years. What a great question! Let’s see shall we…

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Adobe Lightroom 6.3 Now Available

Adobe made Lightroom 6.3 available today and there’s several important things to note about it.  Whilst it adds the usual array of new RAW support for newer cameras, it also adds a ton of new lens profiles for lenses like the new Zeiss Milvus range, as well as... read more


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