RED Scarlet update December 09

1259645774Almost exactly a year ago I posted some information about the RED Scarlet Camera. Since that time there have been a number of “announcements” from the company but most of them have said more or less the same thing. “The cameras are delayed , but here is some more computer generated graphics of something that might possibly look like the camera when it finally arrives”. I would imagine that Jim Janard and his crew at RED have had to re-think a few elements of their designs in an attempt to combat the surprising success of Canons DSLRs in the video field.

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RED Scarlet / Epic Announcement. What does it mean for us?

Jim Jannard, billionaire ex-owner of eye wear giant Oakley, announced today a new camera system that should give most professional photographers some considerable food for thought. Jannard’s company, RED, has already caused quite a stir in the movie industry over the last couple of years with the introduction of what is widely held as the best digital cinema camera, RED One. Today the company unveiled a new system that not only aims to continue their domination of digital cinema technology, but at the same time take the company into the world of high-end digital still photography. Two industries that have