10 Tips For Great Meteor Photos

Over on my blog at ProPhoto Coalition I have written a post about capturing great images of meteor showers.  I’ve already shared one of my recent Perseid Meteor photos here but now this is a chance to find out how to make images like this yourself!  Please head on over to the post to have a read.  

Behind the Shot: Milky Way and Meteors

Some of you might know that every August the earth passes through the trail of a comet and we experience a meteor shower know as Perseids. This image of a meteor streaking through the sky was shot during an August Perseid storm and with the help of a little luck, I really like how it turned out. Whenever you’re shooting the night sky, you need to find something else to include in the shot to help ground the whole scene and give things some scale. This can be something in the near foreground like the trees in this shot, or