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Behind the Shot Blog Series

One of the most popular sections on my blog is a series of posts called Behind The Shot, where I break down all the ins and outs of a particular photo: Where it was taken What gear I used What compositional choices I made Why does it work? What, if any, post production was done to the shot   Behind The Shot: Yukon Ice Cave On a recent trip to the Yukon I captured this photo of a gigantic ice cave that exists year round near Haines Junction. Local photographer Matt Jacques and I set off on this little adventure, expecting...

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Stay Out There – 10 Day Challenge

Invigorate Your Photography This contest is now closed. FAQ   1- I’m already a CC Photography plan subscriber, can I still enter? YES.  If you win, a free year can be added to your existing account.   2 – Why do you need my email address? Don’t worry, we only need your email address so that we can contact you if you win!  We’ll always keep that information safe.  The Facebook login option is just an option to speed things up, but you don’t have to use it if you don’t want to. [mashshare] The Creative Cloud Photography plan...

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Shutter Muse Photography Website

Some years ago I began writing my blog here on my portfolio website.  Not long later, millions of people had stopped by to read my ramblings about photography gear and the work I was doing.  As my passion for creative education continued to grow, I realised that I needed a dedicated website for those longer articles so that I could build my educational brand.  Shutter Muse was born. On Shutter Muse you’ll find photography tutorials for all levels, as well as product reviews and trip reports from my adventures around the world.  The great thing about breaking my sites...

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