I needed to find a small waterproof container to mount on the roof of my photography adventure trailer so that I can seal up some cables and controls for my solar power system. I own several Pelican IM2050 cases which are the smallest proper cases in the Pelican Storm lineup, but I also discovered a real gem in the Pelican 1120. This little case is just $25 on Amazon, and it’s built just as solidly as all its bigger brothers.

As you can see, it comes with the pick ‘n pluck foam if you want a custom insert, and if you take that out then it’s the perfect size for a Fuji x100 or other small camera. Great if you wanted to take something like that on a boat or kayak! I have to drill holes in this one to mount it to my trailer, but I think I’m going to grab a second one just for that purpose. It really feels like such good value for money! There’s not much you can get for $25 in the photo world that’s truly awesome and useful, but this is certainly something!

I also made a little video to show you guys:

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