Month: November 2015

Interview with Mylio

Mylio is a company that makes organizational software for photographers.  Full disclosure: I’ve never used it, so this isn’t meant in any way to be an endorsement of their product or service. They did want to interview me about my photography, though, and you can now read the interview on the Mylio website...

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Adobe Lightroom 6.3 Now Available

Adobe made Lightroom 6.3 available today and there’s several important things to note about it.  Whilst it adds the usual array of new RAW support for newer cameras, it also adds a ton of new lens profiles for lenses like the new Zeiss Milvus range, as well as the Canon 400mm f/4 DO II. As well as performance improvements, Adobe have also reverted to the original import dialog after making sweeping changes in version 6.2.  Most people seem to prefer the original import dialog and they have listened to feedback and acted quickly to bring it back.  Creative Cloud...

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