Gura Gear is a camera bag company started by wildlife photographer Andy Biggs.  Andy’s very first bag was called the Kiboko and it was very well received my a great many people.  Built specifically with wildlife photographers in mind it allowed people to travel with the very biggest lenses but still in a bag that complied with airline restrictions.  The Kiboko is also incredibly lightweight, being built from nylon sail cloth and so it made a lot of fans amongst outdoor photographers who carry their gear a long way.

Recently Gura Gear launched a new website along with a new bag and intentions of launching a Kiboko 22l in the near future (the regular Kiboko is 30l).  The new bag is called the Chobe and it is a shoulder bag that expands to offer either a 19 liter capacity or 24 liters.  The bag can be specified with a padded camera compartment or without, allowing you to tailor the bag to your current needs.  It features all the usual travel friendly features for photographer such as room for a laptop, passports, keys etc Notably the bag is also made out of the very same super light weight sail cloth of the Kiboko.  The Chobe costs $349 for the bag including the photo insert.  There’s no getting past the fact that this is a steep price to pay for a shoulder bag, especially when rivals like Think Tank photo make a very good airline travel shoulder bag for less than half the price.  So what do you get from the Chobe that you don’t get from rival bags ?  Well we will have to wait to find out on that one, I’m hoping to get a chance to test this bag out at some point.  In the meantime though I just wanted to make people aware of it because it certainly looks like a smart bag for those that want the very best looks.  In the literature on their site Gura Gear make mention of several other types of business user who might like the Chobe and it seems that maybe they have desires to expand their reach a little bit to encompass other people who also travel a lot.  No harm in that when they make bags that look this good !

You can order the Gura Gear Chobe from Outdoor Photo Gear HERE

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