The first RED Epic was shipped to the first customer about a month ago but that one ended up being stolen.  Serial number 007 was then sent to the same recipient but yesterday serial 008 was delivered to the hands of filmmakers  Steve Gibby & Ketch Rossi.  I have written about this camera in fair details since the first information was released several years ago.  Judging by the huge number Hollywood directors who have recently announced their intentions to use the Epic on features such as Spiderman 4 and The Hobbit, RED have hit the mark with this camera.  These videos show Steve and Ketch un-boxing and assembling their new toy.  All $50,000 worth of it and accessories which they then pair with a beautiful selection of Arri Primes and RED PL mount lenses.  Worth a watch just to see the incredible small size of the finished package.

Unboxing M8 from Joseph Hutson on Vimeo.

Assembling M8 from Joseph Hutson on Vimeo.

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