Month: December 2009

Glidecam HD-2000 review

Since I took delivery of my Canon 5dMKII last year I have had a lot of fun learning about shooting video and investigating the potential that the Canon DSLRs have in shooting HD movies. With so many people embracing the movie making capabilities of these new cameras, I wanted to check out some products that can potentially make your videos stand out from the crowd. A commenter on a previous post about video accessories for the 5dMKII, suggested that I try out some of the products from the US company Glidecam. At the time I had a few other...

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Think Tank Hydrophobia 70-200

Think Tank Photo today announced the long awaited Hydrophobia 70-200. Purchasing the Hydrophobia through THIS LINK will allow you to claim a free smaller Think Tank bag when you checkout !   Press Release Rain Cover for 70-200 and Smaller Lenses Released! To help you get the shot in even the harshest conditions, we have released two water-resistant, seam-sealed rain covers for 70-200 and smaller lenses: the Hydrophobia® 70-200 and the Hydrophobia® Flash 70-200 with built-in flash protector. It includes a camera strap that supports the camera’s and lens’ weight from the outside without sacrificing the rain cover’s water resistance. There is also no need to remove the strap that is already attached to the camera. A camera strap retainer loop inside the Hydrophobia stows the camera’s strap underneath the rain cover. And now, without exposing your expensive DSLR and lens to the elements, you can change memory cards and batteries without taking off the rain cover. Another key feature is the wide arm sleeves located on both sides for focusing, zooming and accessing controls. Other features include: · A clear window for viewing LCD and controls · A fabric cover for the end of the lens. · An eyepiece storage pocket (eyepieces sold separately) · A detachable camera strap .A breathable mesh bag for transportation and storage We created a short video that highlights these features. Note: The...

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What’s been happening…. in BC

It’s been a bit quiet on the blog in the last week as I have been hard at work. Winter is in full force here in British Columbia and that means i’m busy every day with one thing or another. Last weekend I headed north to the remote township of Bralorne. Bralorne is an old gold mining town high up in the mountains north of Whistler. At this time of year the best way to get there is with a snowmobile and a 2 hour sled up the Hurley pass from Pemberton meadows. In the middle of the winter the area has some phenomenal skiing but right now it’s not quite deep enough. I haven’t spent a lot of time up there before so this was an exploratory mission to get a feeling for the place and start to learn some of surrounding mountains. I have a love/hate relationship with snowmobiles. They allow you to access incredible terrain, but they are expensive and incredibly unreliable. On the first day of the trip a buddy of mine had a problem that was to plague us for the rest of the trip. Eventually his sled broke down completely at the top of Green Mountain and whilst towing him out in the dark ( it was also about -15 celcius) his foot got stuck in the foot-well as he got bucked from...

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New Nikon 300mm f/2.8 VR II and 2x Teleconverter

Nikon today announced a brand new version of the AF-S Nikkor 300mm f/2.8G ED VR II. This new version includes a 4-stop image stabilization system where the last version was only a 3-stop. At the same time , a brand new 2x teleconverter has been announced that contains new aspherical lens elements for greatly improved optical performance. These 2 new additions to the line will be available in January , just in time for the Winter Olympics in Vancouver where I would expect to see a lot of these lenses in use with the new Nikon D3s. Amazon already has the lens up for pre-order and I would expect demand from professionals to be reasonably high at their introduction. Recommended pricing is US$5899.95 for the lens and US$499.95 for the TC-20EIII Amazon Links – 300mm f2.8G ED VR II 2x Teleconverter Nikon website links – 300mm 2.8 & 2x Teleconverter Press Release NIKON CONTINUES PURSUIT OF OPTICAL EXCELLENCE WITH TWO NEW PROFESSIONAL-GRADE NIKKOR PRODUCTS The New AF-S 300mm f/2.8 Lens and TC-20E III Teleconverter Focus on Super Telephoto MELVILLE, N.Y. (December 9, 2009) Nikon Inc. today announced two new NIKKOR optics that deliver the pinnacle of image quality for professional photographers who demand super telephoto capabilities. The new, fast aperture AF-S NIKKOR 300mm f/2.8G ED VR II super telephoto lens and AF-S Teleconverter TC-20E III deliver images with stunning...

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Ikan Cheese Stick JR & Articulating Arm

Sometimes you stumble across something  you wander how you ever did without; something that has so many uses that it instantly deserves a tiny piece of the valuable real-estate in your rapidly filling camera bag.  These two accessories from LCD manufacturer Ikan are two such items but before all you stills photographers switch off, thinking this is just for video applications, think again…. and read on. The articulating arm and Cheese Stick JR are 2 separate products which on their own are quite useful, but it’s when the 2 are combined together that you really get sometime cool. The...

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